18th Annual

Starry Plough Murder Ballads Bash

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Doors open 8:00 pm, music at 8:45 pm SHARP


21 & over

3101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, 510-841-0188

There is an evening chill in the autumn air.
A musical review playing
songs of
Murder, misery, death, and despair
On this Day of the Dead. Saying,
"My love
Come out... Come out... Come out...... If you dare."

The Murderers Row (not necessarily in order of appearance):

THE HAPPY CLAMS: Riding on the forefront of unpop music since 1997, this molluscular, punk-roots trio, led by Paul Pot and powered by the driving bass of Gail Todd and madcap drumming by Rawbird, will pound out some of their favorite murder and misery songs.

THREE DRINK CIRCUS: One or two or even three ukuleles sometimes but also accordion, washboard, musical saw, and sidewalk junk. They write a mean (really mean!) murder ballad but also deliver sweet, shivery harmonies and genre-busting covers. But, of course, we won't be hearing any of that sweet stuff. And don't let that saw get close to your neck!

MAURICE TANI: A "rye-to-romantic, supercalifornigraphic" singer-songwriter specializing in a cinema-for-the-blind style. His band, Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora has been the source of untold, but exquisite suffering in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Once you get a sampling of Maurice you will want to see him again at his many local appearances.

MACERATOR: Born like a Phoenix from the ashes of Ralph Stanley, Macerator has risen to viciously and joyfully reinvent American country into a sound they find satisfying.

LINDA XYZ BAND: Linda XYZ was born at at very early age in Waco, Texas. She started writing songs in 1977 for her first punk band, @lieNation (1978-81). Then came Dick and Jane. Now she plays with Andy Henning and Heather "Dammit" Dunham. They enjoy raising hell and taking names.

CONNIE CHAMPAGNE AND HER KISSIN' CUZZINS: Classic country music served up spicy! Connie and her gang usually deliver a rollicking good time, but on this night it will be a rollicking BAD time!

MIMI HEFT:The most ebullient and optimistic person ever known to sing the blues. With her melodious voice, Mimi loves nothing more than to make her audience cry—a goal achieved on numerous occasions. In addition to her band, HOOT Ballad Project, and being two legs of Five-Legged Mule, Mimi has shared the stage with such talents as Mark Growden, Joshua Raoul Brody, Three Drink Circus, Thad Povey, and Delco. Mimi returns to Murder Ballads, this year as a lone gunman with an ax to grind.

SARA JAYNE: One of the fill in hosts for the Starry Plough Open Mic is known for her powerful ukulele renditions of popular soul tunes. But what happens when the soul is released at death? Why you're just gonna have to find out, won't ya?

THE AWSOME GRUESOME TWOSOME (Yvette O'Tannebaum and Brendan Mutant): Singer of odd tunes, her own songs, and celtic folk, Yvette is joined by Brenden of the the Mutants . It is rumored that he might even pull out a dreary number of his own in the spirit of the evening.

MIDNIGHT MURDERS: Paul Pot spills out the dregs of the night's end for those who stick around to cry in their beer and smile through his set of tunes that hit the show theme spots of murder, misery, death and despair. This one is in order of appearance... Last... dead last.