Music and Videow, it hurts

Below you will find a few sites offering music and videos by The Happy Clams and Paul Pot

Music MP3s

Rough mixes from the Happy Clams Greatest Hits Project

Night of the Living Elvis (Kevin Connelly - Paul Pot) - 2:18

Too Old to Die Young (Pot - Josh Levine) - 3:14

She Lied to Me (Pot) - 3:10

Santa's Package (Pot) - 3:05

You're the Shit (Pot) - 2:05

From the CD I'm All Steamed Up, Baby

Burning Flesh (Pot) - 3:01



Santa's Package (X-mas internet release)

Burning Flesh (from I'm All Steamed Up, Baby)

Bud Uggilley (from I'm All Steamed Up, Baby)

Small Packages ((from I'm All Steamed Up, Baby)

Video of Happy Clams from 2007 (thanks Artmuse)


Paul Pot

Plastic TV Land on Acid

This is Your Leader

Video: Paul Pot singing Santa's Package

Video: Paul Pot Live in Paris with Misha Pan Zobop 7/25/2014


Gail and the Fudgepackers

Nice review of Head in a Bag, and a lost picture drawn for the song, but mp3 doesn't appear to play


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