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Paul Pot

artist, musician, terrible poker player


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Pope Paul Pot is a recording/visual artist from Berkeley, CA. He had a local hit on KALX in 1980 called "Plastic TV Land on Acid". It was played on Radio Free Europe on their year end "Tops in Pops" show, For many years he submitted tapes to KALX. In 1985 he was the lead vocalist in a punk band "Gail and the Fudgepackers". They were featured on the first Shredder Records compilation. After two performances at Gilman Street the band exploded, imploded, whatever. From 1995-1997 he was the guitarist with " Poor Impulse Control ". Lasted longer, but the same end result. He is the guitarist/singer in the "The Happy Clams" (which is loud) and the "Two Old and She Ain't No Lady "( who are much quieter.) He is also the host of the long running Missouri Lounge Open Mic in Berkeley.

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Paul Pot Solo Show

Sunday, August 12 at 4 PM

Winters Tavern Motherlode Grill - 275 S. Washington, Sonora CA 95370

Looking for a long drive to see your favorite songwriter kill it in the gold country? Wait,....... I'm not your favorite? This saddens me. Okay then, willl you just happen to bein the area checking out Moaning Cavern? Do you happen to live out there?Well, get this. I will be moaning out at the Motherlode Grill for a matinee shoe. Come on out. Relax. Leave your shoes on, please.



Happy Clams


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